Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What has been going on?

Wow! It is already May 13th! Where does the time go? Since our last update, so much has happened. We all have our shots done except Micah, passports arrived, a living will and POA accomplished, and lots of reading and homework. In the last two weeks, we have made several new friends and visited 2 churches to share our hearts. First was Chambersburg Mennonite and than Edgerton Wesleyan. It was a blessing to share our story and hearts the last two weekends. It is always neat to make new friends and of course it was awesome to reconnect with old friends at Edgerton, which was the first church I (Michael) worked at. We also made a trip back to Indiana with a van load of stuff to store in my brothers basement. It is so weird to be packing up everything and getting rid of so much. As a bonus, we got to spend a few days with family and take the kids to the Children’s Zoo in Fort Wayne. This last weekend, we had a garage sale and began to purge what we are not keeping or taking with us to Africa. Training starts in 4 weeks, June 10th. We can’t believe it is almost here. Next up, pack for training and finish up fundraising. We are so close we just need about $36,000 to finish up. It is getting really exciting.