Friday, May 13, 2016

A Few Smiling Faces

In our last weeks in Guinea Bissau we took many pictures.  There is no way possible to share all our photos, but we thought we'd try to share some of our favorites.  

This is Abram. His mom and dad, Mai and Tamba, are friends of ours. Jada loves to play with Abram and help his mom keep an eye on him.  

Our children learned to ride bikes of all sizes!

While our neighbor was trying to get pictures of our kids some were goofing off more than being serious for photo time.  

Our friends, Djibi and Binta named their daughter after Karen.  This is Katarina holding Katarina. In Guinea Bissau Karen is too difficult for their tongues, so Karen became Katarina.  

Little Katarina is giving her new baby cousin kisses.  This is Tening and Djara's baby Jonathan.  

Frozen made it to Guinea Bissau.  Micah gave her Frozen glasses to her friend, but not before Katarina tried them on.

Matchu is Isaiah's best friend and much like one of our own children. 

Jada absolutely loved all the babies in the village.  She was the mom to all the kids.  

Mama Mańe is one of our favorite people.  Her faith is so simple and so real.  She often would ask us to pray for her children.  

For children's church they would often act out bible stories.  Here Josiah is Jesus's friend, Lazarus.  

Sweet little Rebekah.  She is one little girl that we will all miss!

We are thankful to longer be risking our lives by taking public transportation.  We always prayed our way in public cars...especially ones stacked this high.  

Children love to see themselves in pictures, but this is what happens when I turned the camera around so they could see themselves while I was taking the photo.  Pure joy and happiness.  

Isaiah gave his bicycle to his friend, Matchu.  Matchu was beyond thrilled to have a bike.  Matchu has a dog that he named Isaiah on one of our last days in the village.  
Rebekah absolutely loves babies.  She has asked her mom to go to the market to buy a baby. When her mom told her they don't sell babies she told her mom to take this one.  Rebekah is always saying the funniest things.  

Here is what was the West African team, minus Beryl Forrester. The Shirks are continuing to serve in The Gambia for two more years.  

When it was time to take our luggage up to the road there was no shortage in helpers.  

This is one of my more favorite pictures of Mai, Rebekah's mom.  She rarely smiles, especially for cameras. 

This was our sending off party on the morning we left Catel.  

Djibi went with us to the airport.  While there we were taking pictures and Djibi decided I needed a picture of him crying.  If only this was a video because he is making crying sounds but looks like he is smiling. Right after I took this picture he busted out laughing at his attempt to make a crying face.

We hope you enjoyed these photos! Each of these people are so very special to us.