Sunday, November 23, 2014


Coffee is one of our favorite things. I love waking up before my kids and drinking a cup of coffee while I read the Word and journal.  I also love journals.  Oh, journals can be so much fun and therefore writing in them is so much more fun.  The thing I love most about waking up before my kids though is spending that time with God.  When I wake up in the morning I creep out to the kitchen, start my coffee brewing (sometimes I am smart and make it the night before and push that really great button called 'delay brew') get my bible, my journal and my favorite pen and I just dive into my time with God.

Check out that journal! It is made from Elephant poo.  No, seriously it really is. It is called Mr. Ellie Pooh's Elephant Dung Paper.  I love it.  The best doesn't even smell like poo! It is made in Sri Lanka and is clean odorless, and eco-friendly. My amazing husband got that for me.   

When I don't start my day off with God everything is just off.  I don't feel right.  I could drink five cups of coffee and it still won't be right.  It's not the coffee that makes my day great, it's God.  I am thankful God created coffee, but I am even more thankful for our relationship with him.

Over this past year waking up before my family was so important to me.  In a world of chaos and interruptions, I needed those 30 minutes (sometimes longer and sometimes a lot shorter) to talk to and hear God.  The coffee was a bonus.  We were so blessed this past year to always have yummy American coffee.  In almost every package we received was a package of coffee and when people came to visit, guess what they!! Just in case anyone is thinking, hey I didn't think they had power, how did they brew their coffee, no worries friends, we had a french press.

Every year during the Christmas season our missionary support team (MST) sells coffee as a fundraiser for our work in Guinea Bissau.  We are excited to be selling coffee this year as well. There are all kinds of flavors and they come in a K-cup. This makes a great Christmas gift and if you want to order some, leave a comment, send us an email or message us on Facebook and we will make sure you get it. The coffee is being sold in 12 ounce packages and are $11.00 a bag and $10.00 for the K-cup. 
It even comes with our picture on the bag!

This is another way to support our family serving in Guinea Bissau. Thank you to all of you that are buying or have bought coffee from us!  
If you can read this, it's a description of all the flavors they sell.  It also comes in normal roasts if you aren't a flavor kinda person.

Thanks for reading our blog.  I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even read it while drinking a cup of coffee.  I wrote it while drinking a cup.  In all the coffee you drink, I pray that you remember to make God your priority rather than your morning coffee.   Blessings to all of you!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just Resting

We have really struggled with being home and have experienced an incredibly wide range of emotions.  We are thankful for the break and the chance to relax and get re-energized for our return to Guinea Bissau.  We recently spoke at one of our supporting churches and we were just so blessed.  We had many people encouraging us and letting us know they are praying for us.  We know that people pray for us, but when someone tells you they are praying it is such a joy to be able to put a face to that person.

After church we were invited to someone's house for dinner.  That again, was a great time of encouragement and relaxing.  During one part of the conversation I had said we were just floating, and our friend said, "No, you are just resting." That was pretty great.  I believe God put those words in her mouth because it was exactly what we needed to hear and it's exactly what we have been doing.

Here are some photos of us "just resting":
Zesto is an ice cream shop that is famous in Michael's hometown.  The kids enjoyed their ice cream tremendously. Ice cream, another delicious food we missed, continues to be a special treat for us. 
(photo props to my father-in-law)

We enjoyed visiting a children's zoo with Grandma and Papa.  The kids had fun in the African journey looking for animals we might have seen in Guinea Bissau. We found some, mostly birds.

We walked through the African part at the zoo and of course we had to have a drumming circle and some dancing on the way out of course.  People probably thought we were so weird. 
At the Indianapolis Children's Museum they have this huge water clock.  It is so fascinating to watch as the time goes by.  If you are ever in the area I highly recommend the Children's Museum, it's good for all ages, but focused on children. 
While we were visiting family, I visited my old place of employment where my cousin works now.  We met him and his daughter for a fun morning on all the equipment. 
We took the kids to hike at a local state park with waterfalls.  It was a beautiful day and the falls were gorgeous as usual.  The kids had a blast and we got to see who was the most adventurous  it was definitely the one closest to the camera.  We were forever telling him to get out of the water.  
Michael has gone to this pumpkin farm since he was a baby, so of course we carried on the tradition. We went with family which makes it even better!
Grandma took us to this really cool restaurant that also has trains, like real life trains.  AND!! had model trains going above you the entire time you ate.  It was such a cute restaurant and wonderful for the kids.  There was even a gift shop for getting all your must have train items.  
On our visit to family we stopped at my aunt and uncle's house.  It was absolutely wonderful to get to see these great people.  This is also the guy that started this crazy life of mine as he married Michael and I. They were brave souls and watched our kids while Michael and I got a night away at a hotel. Ooh la la!
When we first came out to PA for an interview we stopped at the PA welcome center.  It was then that we started a tradition that we have been doing for six years now.  There is this bear that was hit by a car and every year we take a family picture with the bear. 
The first day at our new house the kids raked leaves and played in them. They were so excited to be able to play in leaves. Isaiah didn't remember fall leaves or jumping in them, but he soon join in on the fun and had a blast.  

We have realized that we often would forget to stop and smell the roses. This just resting time has allowed us to pause and focus on what is in front us.  While this has been a hard few months, we are quite thankful that it is what God put in front of us.